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Purchased Music

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I just switched form my G5 to an intel 24" iMac


for some reason, my"purchased music" playlist is gone


anybody know how I can get it back?



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Yup! It is authorized. The purchased music is there, and it plays.


There is just no playlist.


.... okay, I figgered it out ....


When I ran migration assistant when transferring from the G5 to the intel, it kept "fouling" up (I attribute it to the dying hard drive in the G5)


so, I cut and pasted all my music via the firewire. This transferred the songs, and when I authorized the computer, all the purchased music certainly played fine, I just did not have a purchased playlist.


Apparently, the purchased playlist is created on your first purchase. Since the new iMac had no reason to believe I had made a purchase yet, it did not create a purchased playlist.


Not having a particular song I wanted to buy right yet, I decided to download some off-beat free song, which did (indeed) create the playlist. But it did not add the existing purchased songs to it.


I located the itunes music file, queried for all songs ".m4p", and then dragged them into the purchased playlist.


Lots of work, but at least it is done now.



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