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2 Time Machine Files on 1 drive

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I bought a new MacBook Pro and want to start Time Machine backups but I don't want to trash the old backups from the previous laptop. There's plenty of room. Anyone know if this is doable and safe?

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I don't think that Time Machine will do this as it looks at the UID number (or something to that effect) to see if the attached machine matches up with the UID number that is in the backup folder or sparse disk bundle. If Time Machine does not recognize the new machine it offers the user to do a complete backup. It does a check before the backup process to see if the the backup file matches the info of the Mac being backed up. No match=full backup. This might also come into play where a logic board is replaced for example. The only thing that I would suggest is to keep the old backup file for that just in case scenario and do a full backup with the new machine. If you are backing up directly to an external hard drive and then you buy a Time Capsule you will have to start over again with your backups. Time Machine backs up the files on your Mac in two different ways depending if you are going directly to an external or over the local network to a Time Capsule. If you think that a Time Capsule router may be in your future to-get list, go ahead and get it now so that you will not have another set of files to deal with on the side.


Also you can back up multiple Macs to a Time Capsule or an external hard drive that has Time Machine backups on it. Time Capsule is the way to go as it gives wired or wireless clients to backup where ever they are on the local network. Add an Airport Extreme or Airport Express on the other side of the house in bridge mode will carry the wireless N network to the far corners of the house. You could even attach a printer or external hard drive to that Express or Extreme. That is my setup and it works great for me.

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