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Oliver Barker

Movie Artwork Freezing

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Well I have a number of films in iTunes from DVD's etc. But whenever I try to add artwork to them, iTunes freezes! I have to force quit it to change it, this is clicking on the movie then drag the image into the artwork box.

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Are you sure it's really frozen ? If you have a movie that didn't come from the iTunes store, when you first add one of the extra tags that iTunes uses to keep artwork or other extended info, iTunes will actually copy the entire movie file to make room for the extended ID3 tags in the file. Copying a big movie takes quite a lot of time, iTunes is a pretty slow copy utility, and iTunes is often unresponsive while it does this.

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haha, thanks, i'll reply back if this doesn't work!


If car1son's suggestion doesn't work (although I think he may be right), then take a look at the file sizes of those movies that you're having problems adding artwork to. If I remember correctly, there's some limit to the size a movie file can be. It's possible you're pushing it over that size by adding artwork.

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