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Airport Install Question

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So I picked up an older iMac G4 from work for cheep. And I looked it up, and I can install the Airport Extreem. So I opened the bottom of it and at the end of the antenna the brass part of the plug that goes into the card is busted. So my query is would it still work with out using it? can I pick one up from some place?


Thank you.




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Your Airport card is going to need an antenna to work. Wifi antennae are short, but necessary.


I'm not sure how your brass plug is busted. I think that's at the end of a short piece of wire that runs to the iMac's built-in antenna. If the brass plug has just come off the end of the wire, you can still make a connection by inserting the exposed metal of the wire into the Airport card (you can make it snug with some other conductor. I'm fond of aluminum foil. Be sure it doesn't make contact with any other metal beside the inside of the wifi card connector.)


If the connector is "busted" in a way that means it's not possible to connect the card to the iMac's built-in antenna, then you'll need to Mac-gyver your own antenna (or have the iMac's conector repaired.) Leaving about 4" of wire from the card sticking straight out of the mac shoudl do it, if it's not too long a distance (a properly tuned antenna will increase your range.) Again, the metal of the antenna can't touch any other metal on the iMac besides the Wifi card socket.


There are plenty of on-line tutorials on improvising wifi antennae. E.g.:


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Or you could take the lazy option and get a USB wifi dongle.

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