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Home folder - lower or uppercase?


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  1. 1. Do you use lower or upper-case characters in your username/home folder?

    • All lower-case letters. (eg "joe")
    • Upper-case for initial letter only. (eg "Joe")
    • All upper-case letters. (eg "JOE")
    • Mixed case. (eg "JoE")

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I've just setup a new Macbook Pro and used "ant" for the username. This was the default suggestion and I left it untouched. Now although technically I prefer "ant" because it's the UNIX way, the home folder does look kinda ugly among all the other folders in Finder.


So I have two questions


1) Do you prefer lower or upper case for the first letter?


2) Has anyone here changed the case of their username (would be from "ant" to "Ant" in my case") in Leopard, and if so did you experience any side-effects? I know changing the home folder name in Finder can cause issues. So has anyone changed this in System Prefs and had issues?



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