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File permisisions problem with AFP share

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I have a client running OS X Server 10.3 as an office file server, principally using AFP.


I replaced a drive recently and set it up as a share point. Everyone can access it and write to it, but no-one can open anyone else's files with write privs. How can I adjust it so that everyone has read/write privileges on everyone else's files?

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Wow, 10.3 - seriously, upgrade if you can. Tiger was the first good version of Server.


Anyway, there will be something along the lines of either Inherit permissions from parent or to use POSIX.


You want to choose the option to inherit permissions, not using POSIX. POSIX just sets the owner to the user that's creating the file, inheriting permissions from the parent sets them to whatever you set the owner / group to in the sharing settings.


After you've set this up, you'll want to propagate permissions. Afraid I can't give you more detailed instructions, I don't have 10.3 anywhere other than my shelf of antique apple kit.

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