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scott rutkowski

Pbx in a flash or trixbox on an iMac

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Hi all.


I'm wondering if anyone can assist please?


I have vm ware fusion installed on an iMac and am wanting to either run pbx in a flash or trixbox in a virtual machine.

Has anyone ever done this and if so, which out of the 2 above mentioned products was the easiest to setup and work on an iMac in a virtual machine.

I'm asuming the only way these products will run on an iMac are in a virtual machine arn't they?


I'm sure there's also an appliance for vm ware fusion that's ready to go for trixbox and this may be the easiest option.


There's no asterisk like solution that will run on top of osx 10.5 nativly is there?


That would be so cool if it was possible to run such a server right within os 10.5.


If anyone can tell me how difficult it was setting up vm ware fusion 2.0.1 to run either of the above offerrings, that would be appreciated.


Thanks all for your assistance.

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