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McKenzie Carlile

Airport Express and Power Mac G4

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My brother recently bought a Power Mac G4 with an airport card installed. However, we are having severe trouble connecting to the network. It recognizes it, but will not join it. Any ideas?

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I've encountered this problem when attempting to connect to networks which are seen but only just - i.e. the signal is low. I've also indirectly seen this problem when a friend with an 802.11b card (in an IBM Thinkpad) was able to see my network when visiting but was unable to connect as the network was set to only accept 802.11g clients. (Quite how he was therefore able to see it I don't know - though I'm fairly sure he did.) In that case I changed the network to accept "b" and "g" and he could then connect.

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I checked my express under airport utlity and found that it was accepting both b and g wireless. It still has trouble connecting. Another clue is that I couldn't install my airport disc. It said that the drive was incompatible. However, that might be because I was installing it in Leopard and Leopard has it built in.

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