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Can anyone tell me how to get rid of subtitles on MKV files in quicktime or frontrow. I am trying to not use a 3rd party program if possible. Thanks.

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Someone correct me here if I'm way off base. But if I understand MKV files. They don't directly support subtitles. So the Subtitles you are seeing are from the Source video. Because of that, there will not be a way to remove them because they are actually part of the picture in the video file instead of data that the player lays on top of of the video, which is what a subtitle does.

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You can try going to System Preferences > Perian, and unchecking "Load External Subtitles". It may or may not work, since subtitles in mkv files aren't really external, but worth a try.


In Quicktime you can go to View > Subtitles > Off (i think), or Movie Properties and deselecting the subtitle track. Youd have to do that everytime you load a video you didnt want subtitles on though.


Other option would be to get MKVmerge and then open up the mkv file, remove the subtitle track (and any audio tracks you dont want) and save it (i believe you have to save it with a different name since it doesnt like to overwrite the opened file)


*edit, And to kinda address egon, MKV has support for soft-subtitles. Which means that the subtitles are selectable/deselectable like on a DVD, and not burned permanently into the video file like in an AVI. (Of course just because it supports soft-subs doesnt mean that some of them wont be burned into the picture, but soft-subs is one of the main reason for people using MKVs)

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