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Connecting to Windows Network with Leopard via VPN

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Okay, so here is the deal. I have setup a VPN to my work network. I have the correct IP, login and password and my Mac connects to the VPN but I dont know how to view the network directory/folders etc. WHat steps am I missing? Do I have to mount something (can you tell that this is totally outside of my knowledge base?) Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Once you're on the VPN, go to the finder, choose the go menu and then choose connect to server. Type in either the local IP of the server or the domain name. You should then see a list of sharepoints that can be mounted (I think anyway, don't have a windows server to test on - this is how it works on a mac server anyway).

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Sometimes on a Windows Server at least in the ones I maintain you have to select the "Send all traffic to over VPN Connection".


To connect to windows shares (this is largely dependant on server setup) go to "Go > Connect To Server" in Finder, then type 'smb://<server_ip_address>' then enter your domains user name and password, and the will list out all the shared folders that user account has permissions to view.

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