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Bamboo Writing Tablet

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I got the Bamboo Fun made by Wacom about 5 months ago and have been using it to edit photos and create cool pictures using it. Comes with the pen and a mouse that can be sed on it. It is intended to replace your mouse, but I still use my mouse, just a little easier. Now it comes in some different colors. I got the smallest one in black for a grand total of $100.00. Not a bad price for something like this.


This little tablet fits on my desk easily and its there and ready to go when I need it.

When I first got this though, I had some problems with downloading the giving software, but got that all straightened out later. Comes with a nice tutorial on how to use and all of the different features of it, like the programmable buttons.


This is a picture of the one I have:


As you can see it is also sleek and, really cool!

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I just got a Bamboo Pen & Touch and highly recommend it as well. I went ahead and got this one because it had touch (as well as pen, of course) and I find myself using that feature a lot! It's not quite as responsive as my MacBook's touchpad, as far as moving around the screen goes, but it's pretty darn good. Plus it saves time from having to move my hand back and forth between my tablet and the touchpad.


I think eventually I'll probably upgrade to one of the more expensive Bamboo tablets that have better tilt options, but for a beginning tablet, this one is more than enough for me!



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I've tried and tried to learn the required disconnect to let my hand draw on something 13 inches away. and while I can mouse just fine I've never been able to drive a pen. and it's not from lack of talent in the drawing ability department because a Cintiq works for me. as does an iPad with a capacitive pen. but those blank, faceless tablets… forget those. I will stick with my favorite pencil and a scanner.

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