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iDVD acting up and not burning quality video

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I'm at my wit's end over this. I just can't trace the problem :-(


What I want to do is transfer VHS video into my computer, then burn a DVD. I've done it before with good results (maybe two or three months ago). Now, iDVD produces video that appears to be about 15 fps — real jerky and not of good quality. Here is my process:


RCA jack > Canopus 110 > firewire into iMovie '08 (video stream to a dedicated partition on an early 2008 iMac) > send project to Media Browser at "high" setting > burn project in iDVD.


The results? Terrible! But as I've said, it has worked in the past. Even stranger, video that I import into iMovie from my new Canon Vixia HF10 also now produces jerky video when output to iDVD. I'm totally scratching my head here.


To confuse matters more, the poor-quality video persists even after upgrading to a 1TB internal hard drive (with lots of space for iMovie to read / write / render, what have you.


Is anyone else experiencing this problem or have an idea as to what might be happening? I've got iDVD set to NTSC, Professional quality rendering, etc., etc. I just don't get it and I need to solve this situation quick as I have several projects backing up.


Much appreciation,


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