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iMac G5 Design

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I was watching some old Macworld keynotes (I guess the upcoming final keynote has me a little nostalgic), and I was thinking about the introduction of the iMac G4. Steve Jobs made an argument (that seemed pretty compelling at the time) against puting the computer components behind the iMac's monitor--the very design that ended up replacing the G4 only two and a half years later, and has undergone no fundemental design change since.


Do you remember your initial reaction to the iMac G5's design? Did this reversal strike anyone as much as it did me?


What about Steve's arguments about drive performance, was that just RDF?

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The G4 iMac kind of passed me by because it came out shortly before I got into all things Mac.


However I remember the G5 iMac announcement. At that stage I had a dual G5 PowerMac and remember being very impressed that they had managed to shoe-horn a single G5 processor into such a compact enclosure - given how much design went into the G5 PowerMac to keep it cool.


But like so many things from Apple, I wasn't really impressed with the design until I saw it in the flesh. I guess it's why Apple have real retail stores - it must be where most people fall in love with Apple gear surely?


I now have an aluminium 24" iMac which still gets comments from people to the effect of "Where's the rest of the computer?" :lol:

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ive never seen that keynote. mind posting a link or messaging me one? i would love to see his reasons.



Also personally even though i think the iMac designs are very clever, sleek and give you cool ego boosting remarks like "where is your computer?" and your like this IS the computer and there like "no way, thats just the monitor!" then your like everything is inside this moinitor! then their heads explode in confusion and amazement. :lol: but srsly, i far prefer (if I'm using a desktop) to have the Mac Pro because i can upgrade the components with ease and attach RAID interfaces so I can do my HD video editing with no hick-ups.

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Whenever I listen to a keynote or other presentation, I always try to keep in mind that it is in the perspective of the time in which it is given. Had the same technology been present at the time of the iMac G4 launch as when the iMac G5 came out, then I might consider it a contradiction. The G4 was introduced in Jan 2002, and the G5 in Aug 2004 .... there may well have been technological issues that had changed during that time.


That being said, I always liked the G4 design with the electronics in the base and the adjustable monitor support .... I wouldn't mind a reversion to that design in the future.

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