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Internal Hard Drive Setup

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Hi forum ;) ,


Looking for some good advice. After listening to a maccast, I decided to try using an internal drive as an external drive for backups.


I ordered an internal hard drive (SATA) with a cover and NewerTech Universal HD/Drive to USB2 Newer Technology Universal 5.25/3.5/2.5" Hard Drive & Optical Drive to USB2 Adapter w/Power. I plan on using it for backups.


My question is what is the best way to format the drive once I get it? Will it recognize the drive once I plug it in? Is it better to get SATA vs. ATA or the others? Is it better for 3.5 or 2.5 size drives?


Hope someone can give me some advice...


Take Care,


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Your mac should recognize the drive out of the box. I always format as Mac OS extended (journaled). I'm not sure what case sensitive journaled does. However, I do know that SATA is the future and ATA are getting harder and harder to come by - especially in a 2.5" size. I would get a 7200 rpm 3.5" drive – they're faster and cheaper than the 2.5" and you can also get them in larger storage sizes (500+ GB). For what it's worth I've always had good luck with Seagate drives.

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I would agree about the 3.5" SATA hard drives. They are great for all of your digital assets as they can be the main HD that that your OS is installed on with all of your apps, music, videos, etc or it could be used as an external hard drive that backs up the internal hard drive of your computer weather its PC or Mac, laptop or a desktop. The drive adapter is great to have around in the computer tool drawer at your desk but I would recommend an OWC (Other World Computing) external hard drive case for that bare 3.5" drive. I had an extra HD laying around and I picked up one of the all aluminum eSata / FW 400 / 800 / USB enclosures. This aluminum enclosure will dissipate heat and keep dust from accumulating on the drive. You may not need all of the ports of the enclosure that I bought and USB may be just fine. I however have needs for the faster Firewire Ports. As far as formatting, pick the Mac OS extended (journaled) Once the drive as been wiped and reformatted it will appear as an mounted volume on your desktop (if that preference is enabled in your Finder) Once all of that work has been accomplished using Disk Utility then you can use the drive as a Time Machine volume and you are ready to go.

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