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A Router behind a Router

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I recently installed a Netgear Wireless N router behind a Verizon DSL combo router/modem. I disabled the wireless on the Verizon router but still need the wired portion of the router to serve an additional computer. The second router (Netgear) is located on a floor below the first router (Verizon).


My problem is I can't get the computers on the second router to see the computers on the first router or vice versa. The internet is coming through just fine, but I can't get Mac's file sharing or USB printer sharing to show up as it did in the past when I just had one router connected.


I have included a drawing of my network to help explain my setup. I know this has all to do with the setup of each router, but I have no clue how to do this. Any suggestions or instructions?





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Easiest way is to just not use the second router as a router.

Disable the DHCP on the second router, and then move the cable that's coming in from the other router from the WAN port to one of the LAN ports.

Then it will basically just act as a wireless access point with some wired ports, and let the first router handle all the router stuff.

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i agree with ithonicfury.


i did this exact same thing but with a Airport Extreme (802.11n) and and a Airport Express (802.11g) so that i could have my old computers on the G network and my new computers on the N network at full N speeds not to be hindered by the slow G computers.


and i did exactly ithoncicfury's idea to make it work (also i locked the two networks in there respective wi-fi speeds so a G device couldn't accidentally go on the N network and bog it down.

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It's magic! Thanks for such and easy and effective solution. I don't understand how plugging in the cable from the first router into the lan ports of the second router allows the signal to be "spit" but it works.


Thanks again for help

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