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Conserving Battery Life While Sleeping (new macbooks)

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this may have been posted here before, if it has, forgive me.


Adam has mentioned that his macbook pro battery drains faster then it should when he puts it to sleep. I got the new macbook pro 15 inch and i was having the same issues. it drains a lot faster then my old macbook pro. 7 hours of sleep would drain a 100% battery down to 90% so i looked into it a bit and found a possible solution / workaround.


there is a dashboard widget called Deep Sleep that puts your mac into hibernation mode aka "software suspend mode" (the regular sleep puts your mac into "hardware suspend mode" where some processes are still active) anyway it consumes no power while sleeping in this mode, however it does take longer to wake up (35-40 seconds) but still faster then a regular start up (50-60 seconds). anyway just thought i would share.


oh and it does not work with all macs so check it out before u install

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But it also requires you to read 2-4Gb of data (depending on how much RAM you have) from the hard drive. So it's swings and roundabouts really.

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