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Applescript guru needed for Mail rule

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We have a copy machine at work that will make PDF's and email them to us, I'd like to create a rule that always saves attachments from the copy machine and saves them into a specified folder.


Surprisingly there are no built in controls to safe an attachment in Mail Rules, but it does allow for the attachment of an AppleScript - of course I couldn't make an AppleScript that make a popup window that said Hello.


Hoping that somebody has the talent and a few minutes to help me with this.



need applescript to save all attachments when the rule identifies the email is from the copy machine, and I'd like to save the attachments to: /Users/myusername/Dropbox/Infrastructure/SAVIN/



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Ok in OSX Automator I believe to can do this. Create the new workflow, drag filter mail (set whatever you want,) then Get specified Mail. After this, if their in no export option in one of those, you can probably find a text option that can export the text. I just reread your description and you want the attachments so changed Get Specified Mail to Get Attachments.

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