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Coda or Espresso?

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I have been looking into web development programs recently as I am sick of using Dreamweaver. I can code with out a WYSIWYG but i want a good program for editing my files. I have narrowed my search down to Coda from Panic (who are one of my favorite Apple software developers) and Espresso from MacRabbit (currently in beta). I have tried the demo version of coda and the beta of Espresso and I find them both easy to use and ideal for what I need. I am wanting to purchase one of them but I am not sure which. Do you guys have any thing that you have found with either of these programs that can help me in my decision?

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If I was looking for an all-in-one solution I'd probably go with Coda, primarily because it's more developed.


What I use is a combination of TextMate to edit HTML and MacRabbit's CSSEdit. I spend most of the time editing CSS, so the most important tool for me is a good CSS editor. TextMate or BBEdit are worth purchasing, not just for writing HTML but as general purpose text editors.


I'd recommend downloading a few of these tools and trying them yourself, most of them can be used on 30 day trial. You'll work out well before the trial period expires which ones you like.

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