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iTunes "Processing file" taking ages

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Hi folks,


After a download completes in iTunes it displays 'processing file' underneath the progress bar. It takes about 3-4 mins. per track. What is it doing?


Could it somehow be re-encoding the file with your user details (iTunes account ID for example)? This would make DRM free files identifiable if shared on a peer-to-peek network... just theorising... I can't see any other practical reason for this amount of time spent 'processing'.


If anybody wants to swap md5 hashes for a iTunes Plus file I'm really happy to purchase the track too. If the hashes are the same then at least we know this isn't the case :o)





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Depends on where you're downloading from.


DRM-free music from the iTunes Store ("Plus" tracks) does indeed contain your Apple ID (email address.) (I'm not sure if that's added by the iTunes Store before downloadiing or by iTunes after downloading.)


Downloaded podcasts also get modified by iTunes after downloading, to add iTunes-specific tags. AFAIK, that doesn't insert and info that would identify you, just info that let's iTunes identify it as a podcast and which podcast it is for. (If you remove a podcast file from iTunes and then add the file back to the library, it puts itself right back into the same Podcast.)


Non-iTunes Store videos added to the iTunes Library are originally left as-is, but if you add any of Apple's tags (or add cover art), it can take iTunes 10-15 minutes to re-copy a large video file to make room for the extended tags.

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