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Time Capsule creeping to a halt

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I've been a happy Time Capsule user until quite recently. For some reason backups are taking forever, even if there is literally almost no data to backup. The "preparing" and "finishing" process can take hours. The only thing I can think of is there may have been an interruption - dog sat on power strip not long ago during backup. Its wireless for backups and the 1 TB time capsule is the router. Its been working fine, and wireless internet access seems to be fine. Its as if something in the process got hosed. I could hook up an ethernet cable (long one on the way - just ordered) but thought I would see if anyone else has dealt with something similar? It seems that something other than just wifi speed is happening since web surfing, email, etc are still snappy.


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It could just be that a glitch occurred during one of your backups. This often happens to me with my Firewire TM HD with the same symptoms as you are describing. Unfortunately the solution, if the problem is the same as mine, is to reformat the HD and start Backups over from scratch.

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