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The Apple Media Center Podcast

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amcpodcast    0

Hey guys and gals,


I just started up the Apple Media Center Podcast and if anyone here has an Apple TV or use a Mac as a media center then feel free to come on over and listen to my podcast. I hope I can bring an enthusiast's perspective on this topic and can help people out with their media center questions. This podcast can be listened to by the novice user, the person with the urge to hack their Apple TV, or anyone that might be thinking about hooking a Mac to their TV. I think Adam does a great job with his podcast and I can only hope mine can be that good. Thanks to anyone who decides to listen!



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Huskermn    33

Welcome to the forum, Greg.


One of the great things about Macs, IMHO, is that people tend to see alternate sources as complements rather than competitors.


I listen to a LOT of podcasts already but will try to check out yours. I use my Mac as a media center but really don't bother (yet) with trying to move the content to my TV.

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podgirl    0

I'll check it out, too.

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trucklover    0

I will subscribe as well. I use a PowerMac G5 in conjunction with a Drobo as my media server to my devices. I do not use a TV but I can still watch the content from my living room over the local network on my MacBook Pro. It will be interesting to hear how the podcast turns out and how you engage the community to help one another in this market. Just do a search over at search.twitter.com or in TweetDeck for 'Mac Mini' and you will find lots of people using it as a living room and media server for their TV. If you had a wireless keyboard and mouse you would have the ultimate computer screen and setup with the surround sound to boot.

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