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Sorting album art in Cover Flow

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Hi folks


This is my first post and would have introduced myself, but didn't see an introduction thread...


So my question is this;

I have a 120 GB Ipod Classic and would like to know if i can sort the album art in cover flow.

At the moment it seems that the album art is sorted by Artist, but this gets frustrating when an album is a compilation of different artist because it shows up many times.

I would rather like to sort it by Album so that I only see the album once.


Does anyone know if this is possible?


Thanks in advance



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hey, AA,


Because Album names aren't necessarily unique, iTunes usually decides two tracks are part of the same Ablum if they have the same Album name and Artist. Being part of the same Album shows up in coverflow and Album groupings.


You can override that default in two ways: "Part of a Compilation" means different artists worked on the different tracks on the same Album (such as Musicals or "Greatest Hits of the 60s"-type albums) iTunes ignores the Artist name and groups all tracks based on just the Album name. (You can see how that would fail to do the right thing if you had two compilation albums with the same name.)


Setting the "Album Artist" has much the same effect - iTunes then groups tracks into a single Album based on the same Album name and Album Artist name. This is more useful if you have two compilation albums with the same name.


You can access these settings in iTunes by selecting all the tracks of the Album and selecting "Get Info..." from the File menu (or just command-I.) The "Album Artist" is on the Info tab, and the Compilation setting is a Yes/No pull-down on the Options tab. (The Sorting tab also has "Sort Album" and "Sort Album Artist" settings, but I haven't played with them enough to know how they'd interact.)

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