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Problems with Parallels 4 build 3810

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I had no problem upgrading from Parallels 3 to 4. When build 3810 was released, I had a problem where the installer just hung up (for hours) and after a couple-3 tries with the same result, I gave up. I couldn't find an acceptable answer on the Parallels forums or anywhere else.


Ever since then, every time I start Parallels I get a pop-up box telling me I need to update to 3810, when I click install I instantly get this message "Unable to connect to the Parallels update site. Check your internet connection and try again." There's nothing wrong with my internet connection. So after a couple of times of this, I now cancel the "install" and enter the virtual machine and have no problems thereafter.


The next problem I have with this is when I'm starting Parallels and I'm NOT connected to the internet. I get a pop-up box telling me my copy of Parallels 4 is not registered (it is), yada yada yada. I cancel out of that, enter the virtual machine and have no problems thereafter.


These are merely annoyances, true, but when I go to "about Parallels" it tells me I'm running build 3810! It's crazy.


The reason for this post is 1) to find out if anyone else has this problem or something similar, and 2) to find out if I should be able to install the next update (whenever that's released) without having a good install of 3810. That's presuming I won't have any problems with the installer next time LOL.



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It's pretty clear the problems are related to the failed install. I would guess the installer was somehow corrupted.


Did you try downloading a fresh version of the update?


Also, it's not relevant to my answer but others might have ideas related to the machine and/or OS version you're using and you don't mention that info.

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