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Syncing a folder between my Mac and MobileMe

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Does any one know how I can keep a folder in sync between my Mac and MobileMe?


I have a folder on my Mac that I update often and would like to be able to access what's on it via MobileMe (and also my iphone 3g). I don't want to constantly have to manually re-upload it to my idisk.


I have tried to make an alias of the folder and put that in my syncing idisk, but the folder in the cloud "doesn't work" - it looks like a place holder file and not a real folder.


I think what I'm after is an automatic mini syncing super duper folder back-up app.


Maybe there is a an Automator Action or AppleScript I can use - I have been useless at using these, but maybe this will motivate me to figure out how to.


Thanks for any assistance!

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I'd use Chronosync for this. It works for an AFP volume, so I don't see why it wouldn't work for MobileMe - although why not just work off the mobileme copy? That's what I do for the stuff I keep synced between my macs.

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You could use iDisk as your default storage location instead. I use MobileMe with iDisk Sync turned on (System Preferences > MobileMe > iDisk tab > iDisk Sync). It allows for faster access to iDisk files and also offline access as well, since it transparently keeps a copy of your iDisk to the local hard drive in the background.


As a complete alternative solution, I also recommend Dropbox, which is free for small accounts, available on OS X, Windows, Linux, and iPhone, and in my experience syncs faster. Unlike iDisk, it works with Time Machine and it has its own web-based version control system as well. One downside is that it doesn't support files that require use of resource forks, such as Microsoft Quicken files. Finder color labels don't sync either. If interested in creating a Dropbox account, here's my referral link: https://www.getdropbox.com/referrals/NTIzMTU2Mzk for 250MB extra account space.

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