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these may be stupid questions, but I thought this would be a good spot to ask this.


I've been thinking of trying to consolidate everything I do web-wise. I have the following:

-a Gmail account for email

-a blogger site to blog on

-my various social networking pages (will keep, just wanted to add it)

-some stuff on my Verizon webpage thats there for storing than anything

-an Iphone where I can do some of these things on, as well as my Imac


My question is, would it be worth it to consolidate all this into a mobileMe account? I also use Ical and other features, so I"m debating it would be woth the 100/year to put it all with mobileme and get rid of the other sites.


also I registered my name with godaddy.com since I was thinking of making a small site to blog, post my resume, as well as photos/videos I shoot. On mobileMe I know there's a 20 gig storage limit for email/storage. Do websites made on MobileMe count twards that limit?

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It is not so much that you only have 20 GB of storage but you are also limited to 200 GB of data transfer per month. ( that includes people looking at your blog, etc. ) Also, I don't know what you were planning to do with your social networking pages ( imbed on your iweb page ? ). The gmail acct would be no issue ... just have gmail forward mail to your Mobile Me acct. Mobile Me does play well with iPhones/iPod Touch, but keep in mind that there is still an issue with syncing subscribed calendars in Mobile Me.


If those issues don't stop you, you can purchase Mobile Me from Amazon for $69.99 now. And let me just add that the feature I get the most use of than anything else is the fact that Mobile Me does a really great job of syncing settings, bookmarks, etc. between all my Macs. For example, when I got my MBP for my birthday last year ( yeah I know I'm very lucky ) my family was amazed how I just turned on the new laptop, logged into my Mobile Me acct and all my settings and Bookmarks were all there ready to go.

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