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Best way to backup Powerbook G4

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I've been searching the forum for some time now and have learned a lot regarding backups. It is still all very new to me and that is why I am here. However, I still have not figured out the best way to backup my Powerbook G4 12". I would like to backup and reinstall Leopard.


I currently have 16.22GB free space out of the allotted 80GB. I just purchased a 500GB Seagate FreeAgent drive and would like to use it to backup or clone my drive. The problem is that I have about 30GB of music and videos I would like to store on an external HD to free up space in the Powerbook HD.


Since I only have 80gb in my G4, would it be best to use the Seagate for data storage and a separate drive for a superduper clone? I just feel as if it's a waste if I use the 500GB for an 80GB clone. Any suggestions or tips regarding the best method of backing up would be appreciated.


Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you all.

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Sorry, don't remember the episode nor did I check the link. Will give my opinion.


With a 500Gb external, I would partition it to 80 Gb and 420 Gb. Then, you can set up a regular SuperDuper full bootable backup to the 80 Gb partition and have the 420 for whatever.


Not being familiar with Time Machine, I can't really address the overall use of the external. You may want to set up 3 partitions - 1 for SuperDuper, 1 for TimeMachine and one for other. My problem is I have no idea what to allocate for those things.


I have a TB external for 'backup' that now houses most of my big media (movies and TV). It was originally intended for just backing up that content until the content just accumulated too much.

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I would agree that using a 500GB drive for an 80GB backup is a waste. I would have suggested buying a smaller drive initially although often it's just as cheap to get a big drive. Same as huskerman I don't know what was said in that link but my suggestion would be to partition the external into 80GB and 420GB. Use superduper to clone the internal to the smaller partition and then you can use the extra space to store data you don't mind losing. Remember if it's not in to places it doesn't exist long term.

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