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I switched 3 1/2 years ago...

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I bought my first PC in '92. I thought Windows for workgroups was just ok. I tried Linux slackware, OS2, and then came back to Windows when '95 came out. It finally came to point where I was dual booting windows and linux. Enventually, I turn my old PC into Linux and used it as my firewall and other server needs (Still using Windows for the GUI). When OS X came out, I started paying close attention to it. I was looking for a easy way to move my home videos to the computer and make some VCD or DVDs. Apple had exactly what I was looking for. Also, as linux user, I really enjoyed the idea of having UNIX right there.

My first purchase was a powerbook. I started taking it work and learning a little here and a little there. Now it is always with me :). At work I use a Laptop with Windows XP for development. I was a VB/C++ programmer but for the last 3 years I have been doing java. I have tried several times to get my company to purchase a Apple machine, but to no avail.

Since my purchase of the Powerbook, I now have a 17" iMac, and just recently a MacMini. My wife, kids, and myself love Macs and do not want to go back to the PC/Windows world (For home that is).




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