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Hello fellow mac geeks:


I will have three 600GB Databases that grow in size by about 1GB every day. The three databases will be in different sections of the same city and the databases will be housed in either a DROBO or some other attached RAID array (to allow for fast data access and redundant data storage onsite incase of a drive failure) but to allow for offsite back-ups i would like to back up to each other location over the internet. so initially i can load all 600GB to each drive directly using USB and every day thereafter i would like to back-up every updated file to each back-up.


hopefully that makes sense to everyone.


what software would be the best for incremental, over the internet back-ups? (note, it would be best to work on both MACs and PCs)



thanks everyone in advance.

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One option you might want to look at is PerfectBackup. Their latest version is a little dodgy on 10.5.5 server though. If you stick to an older version you should be fine (although we've stopped using it in preference for chronosync as it allows us a little more customisation on what does / doesn't get backed up).

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So you don't online storage space just software to manage the backup over the internet? Chronosync is a good option.

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