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scott rutkowski

iTunes playlist assistance please

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Hi everyone.

I'm wondering if anyone can please assist?

I just purchased the Metallica collection from the iTunes store and the way it is sorted when you buy it is the album name the metallica collection. Then it's sorted by artist Metallica and then under grouping each album is listed.

What i'm trying to do is to use the grouping field in iTunes to make a single playlist for each album from the grouping field to burn to an audio cd to play in the car.

I'm wondering by using the grouping field for example say I wanted to get all the songs from the album death magnetic, by using the grouping field which contains death magnetic i can then copy the songs from that album in to a single playlist.

Is this possible?

Unfortunately when you use the browse function you only see the actual album name the metallica collection the artist metallica and all the albums are grouped under this.

If there's an easy way to do what I have written above, please can you let me know?

Sorry if this post is confusing but it's hard to word it the way I feel it should be worded.

What iTunes should have done is to have the album title the metallica collection and then the browser could show all the albums in the collection and then it would be easy to do a command a to select all the tracks and create a playlist.

Thanks to anyone who can assist.

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I think the easiest way would to create a Smart Playlist for each album

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If it were me, I'd split the collection up into the individual albums, remove the "metallica collection" album name and replace each group with the original album names. Be sure to uncheck the part of a compilation box.

This seems too obvious and probably not what you are looking for, but it would give you more flexibility.

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i'd go with Scott F's suggestion then just make playlists for each album because i'm rather picky about my tags.


If you don't want to change the album names you could also add the original album name to the comments field and make smart playlists based on that.

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Hi again everyone.


Thanks for the suggestions i've recieved on this toppic.

the issue is now sorted my only issue now is i'm not sure wether I have made an error or not but I created each album in to individual playlist and I deleted from the album field the metallica collection. I named each album individually but i'm wondering when I use the browser to find metallica I still only see one album called metallica collection I though by naming each album I would see each individual album name when browsing.

Is there a way I can fix this so metallica collection doesn't appear in the browser?

I've searched all the tabs when selecting songs and dong a command i to get info but i'm just at a loss now.



Thanks for your assistance.

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