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Problem solved posts?

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I'm going to throw this idea out to the community for feedback.


Something that has always bothered me about most forum software is an inability to know when a problem has been solved. While I look at almost every topic at least once, I don't follow all of them to conclusion, especially if it's an issue where I have no constructive input.


Recently, I was looking at some Items for Sale topics and thinking "It would be nice to know if this was sold already when I search for recent posts" and it dawned on me that if the title reflected it, that problem would be solved. It dawned on me that Moderators can edit topic titles. So, I went through a few and changed the titles to reflect the status.


I'm not likely to search through all the forum topics to find problems which have been solved but if the topic starter feels her/his question has been answered or problem resolved, I think it would be nice to see that in the title. What does everyone think?


If Adam and a consensus feel it would be useful, topic starters could PM the moderators and the topic title could be edited

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Sounds like it would be useful to me. I am always up fro what the community feels is most helpful

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