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Is anyone else using the Kindle App for iPhone? I had to move my charger next to my bed so I could read more on my iPhone. It has changed my opinion of eBooks. It has sold me on a Kindle - I want one now! :-D What are your thoughts are on it.

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I love the Kindle and gave one to my partner for her birthday last year. She loves it and uses it constantly.


She's a BIG reader and really likes being able to carry a bunch of books in one little package. The 2nd Gen Kindle looks like an improvement in many ways but not all. It's still missing a decent Web browser.


I don't read enough to justify the cost. My 'reading' is now mostly audiobooks (BIG fan of Audible) and podcasts.

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I'm a big reader so I bought the Kindle 2. Thus far I'm thrilled with it and find the experience to easily rival the printed page -- for books and newspapers.


In the short time I've owned my Kindle 2 I've read several books and the NY Times daily -- this device gets a lot of use. The compact size is perfect for reading, the navigation well-placed and the screen divine. Some complain about the lack of a backlight but I see that as a benefit as it reduces eye strain and improves battery life. Downloading content couldn't be faster or more convenient.


There have been a few occasions where I've been away from my Kindle 2 and have found myself with ten minutes to fill (ie. waiting at dentist office). That's when the iPhone app comes into play for me. It auto syncs to the spot where you left off in a book (can't read periodicals on your iPhone -- a licensing downside) so you never lose your place.


If you love to read and can justify the cost, the Kindle 2 may be worth a look. The lower price point for books has already saved me approximately 1/3 the cost of the device and I've only had it a short while. A protective sleeve / case is a must as is the protection plan.


My overall rating is: *****

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