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Xbox and intersharing troubles SOLVED

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hello fellow mac geeks:


i have a problem. i have a mac mini and an Xbox in a large house and I'm a floor away from the router but i get wireless reception just fine. i want to give my Xbox the ability to connect to Xbox live without running a 100ft ethernet cable through the house. i was thinking i could just connect it to the mac mini using a ethernet cable (they are in the same room) and turn on internet sharing on the mac mini.


SHOULD work just fine said I.

but alas it was not so.


when i check the network settings on my Xbox it says there is network connectivity failure and it gets a 169 address meaning its not on the network. i did however connect my MacBook Pro to the same ethernet cable from the same mac mini with the same settings and it worked like a charm. Whats up with the Xbox to mac mini relationship thats not working out for them?



any help would rock!

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well i just answered my own question by doing more searching on the net. this worked for me:


“I just did the same thing (substitute powerbook for G4) for my brother. The xbox seems to have difficulty obtaining an address from the dhcp server that is started on the Mac as part of the ‘share my internet’ process. I don’t think it’s necessary, but I set the ethernet port to “Configure IPV4: Off”. I then started internet sharing and checked the IP assigned to the ethernet port (in terminal.app, type “ifconfig en0” [zero, not a capital-o] and it will return the info about the config of the built-in ethernet. On my machine it returns “inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast”. I believe OSX always uses but it would be best to check rather than just assuming.


On the xbox, set

IP Configuration: Manual



Router/Gateway: [or the address returned from the ifconfig command above if it’s different]


DNS Configuration: Manual

[enter the IPs of the dns servers provided by SBC] They should be in the documentation and likely in your router config. If you can’t find them, type “dig” in terminal.app and after a bunch of text scrolls by, you’ll have a line starting with “SERVER” near the bottom, the IP address in that line is the DNS server your computer is using, so you can enter the same in the xbox settings.

PPPoE Settings: Off

Advanced: Automatic



You should now be able to connect to xbox-live.



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