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Mac not getting my machine's name right

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I suppose the first question is whether Macs have names? Windows machines do - NETBIOS seems to require it. My box's name is 'Gottalight' but I can't remember where I so named it.


Recently it has been calling itself 'Gottalight-2'. The earliest reference to this name change I found was in the Crash Reporter log files when the first Gottalight-2.crash file appeared.


Early in the start-up the logs show:

configd[14]	setting hostname to "GottaLight-2.local"

and a few seconds later:

org.apache.httpd[27]	httpd: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using GottaLight-2.local for ServerName

My Network Ethernet WINS tab shows 'NetBIOS Name: GOTTALIGHT' but next to it is a grey text message that 'GOTTALIGHT is currently being used.' But I don't know where.


How can I clear this matter up and get the old name back?

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If you go to System Preferences > Sharing, you can set the Computer Name field.

Shucks, so you can! I did it by pressing the (surprise!) Edit button and it held. I thought it was going to find a clash somewhere and revert to Gottalight-2, but it didn't.


I still wonder why Apache only reluctantly used "... GottaLight-2.local for ServerName".


Many thanks for helping me find the obvious that I missed!

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