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password to wake mac

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Hello. Great idea for this forum section. I am willing to pay $5 (via an amazon gift card) for someone to write the following automator for me:

1. open system preferences (Leopard 10.5.6)

2. click the security icon

3. check the box for "require password to wake this mac"

4. close system preferences

5. open apple menu (upper left corner)

6. select "sleep"


and then another automator app to do the reverse, to uncheck the box for require to wake this mac.


Actually, instead of creating the app itself, I would prefer to receive detailed instructions about how to create these two apps myself.

Hope you are interested.




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Not the answer but worth noting...


To quickly lock the screen (i.e. require credentials to allow access) when the "Require password..." preference is not set...


Set "Show Status in Menu Bar" in "General" section of "Preferences" of "Keychain Access" (in Utilities) and once done - something which only needs doing once - click on the (open padlock) icon in the Menu Bar and choose "Lock Screen".


This was, in fact, covered on a recent MacCast - though I happened to know about it anyway.

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