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Ipod touch: play music slowed down

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I HAVEN'T tried this, but I'm guessing that in theory it should work:

1. In iTunes, right-click on the song(s) you want to play slow and select Get Info

2. Under the Options tab, under Media Kind, select Audiobook

3. Sync song(s) to your iPod touch

4. On your iPod touch go to Settings/Music/Audiobook Speed/Slower

5. Play your song(s) and I'm guessing (hoping) that they will be slower.


Again - I HAVEN'T tried this method but it looks like it should work.....? I'm sure someone else has a better, more definitive answer.

If you try this, please report back and tell us how/if it worked.


Apple Geek

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Glad that worked for you, but I seriously doubt that there is any other way to do it (without some possible 3rd party application or something...)


Apple Geek

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