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iPod/iPhone Podcast Syncing Issues

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I'm having some trouble with podcasts syncing to a couple of my devices. First, I must tell you that I enjoy listening to podcasts, numerous ones in fact (about 15). I like to listen to them on my iPhone 3G, and try to sync them accordingly. I have selected the sync the "5 most recent unplayed" episodes. I fully listen to new episodes from each podcast, and sync my iPhone daily. However, these completely listened to episodes remain on my iPhone after the sync. I make sure to allow the iPhone to return to the podcast's episode list (to ensure that the episode played completely). Am I doing something wrong, or do understand the meaning of the "x most recent unplayed" episodes sync option?


Secondly, I am also having trouble when syncing my iPod classic (80gb). My wife and I share the iPod and use it to primarily listen to music in our car. She doesn't really care to listen to podcasts so I see no reason to have them synced to both my iPhone and the iPod. So, in the podcast section of the iPod device settings, I make sure that the sync checkbox is unchecked. To me, this should mean that no podcasts should be synced to our iPod at all. However, that is not the case. About 10 of my 15 subscribed podcasts sync.


Can anyone shed any light on these issues? I'm just plain confused....


Thanks in advance.

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Syncing can be a little strange. I do NOT own an iPhone.


I own a iPod Touch 2G and an iPod Nano 4th generation.


The Touch will load anything that is checked. Just uncheck for the podcasts not to load. NOT the case with the Nano. It could care less about being checked. What is most important to the Nano; if it is "new" or "not new". They only way you can get podcasts to sync to it is have it "new"...the only way you can NOT get podcasts sync; is to mark the podcast "not new"...Checked or un-checked does not matter with the Nano....(this is happening with the same setting in the podcast section of iTunes)


Maybe could shed light on your situation.....

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