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Nike Plus Sensor Calibration...can I copy from another sensor?

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So, I have a Nike Plus Sport Kit thing. I like it. I'm on my third sensor (bought it a week ago, only today found these instructions on changing the battery). I went to the track to recalibrate the new sensor, but after a few real runs on the road, it's definitely aiming too low (it said what I KNOW to be a 10k course was about 9.5k). I've had good luck in the past, so I figure I just need to re-calibrate.


But before I go to the hassle of getting to the track, I dug around a little in the data kept on the iPod, and found a file called "calibration" under each sensor's data.


e.g., /Volumes/Mr. Peepers/iPod_Control/Device/Trainer/Workouts/Empeds/4H917G3AVSX/calibration


I had the bright idea to try and copy the calibration file from my last sensor, which I felt was fairly accurate, at least more accurate than my current calibration, over the new sensors file. But wouldn't you know it, the run I just did with that replaced file seemed to have exactly the same calibration as before, i.e., too low. It's kind of like that file doesn't really do anything. The iPod was restarted, at least, I had the iPod plugged into my Mac while copying the file, then unplugged it to go for my run, which necessarily rebooted the iPod.


I also tried viewing the contents of the calibration file, but it's binary. The Mac says it's a Unix executable, but I assume that's just because it's binary and doesn't have a suffix. Trying to run it in Terminal is a no-go. I'm just wondering if perhaps the calibration file has information about which sensor it's tied to, and if that can be edited...


Has anyone successfully managed to do anything like what I'm trying to do? Does anyone have any information on the calibration file itself?


Thanks to anyone with helpful information...it's just a pain to get myself to the track to re-do a calibration. But maybe that's really the only way.

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