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My Switcher Story

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Well I thought it was about time i posted my story


Even thought i have just got a mac I have actually liked them (design wise) for a long time but never had the money. First computer i had was a Windows 98 with 4gb HD (how did i cope lol) after a couple of years and millions of treats of it being smashed up i got a year old PC which was pretty decent. but it soon slowed down and was really taking the piss. By this time i was already into web design/programming and programming.


Anyway after having trouble with the beta of windows vista. i decided to take the plunge and get a mac. I went to my local mac store and saw the Mac Mini. i instantly fell in love with the design and asked if i could have a test drive. I loved how Tiger work and it just seemed to be perfect. I put a deposit down the week after for it and 2 weeks later i got it (There was a shipping problem which is why it took so long)


I got it home and the first thing i notice about tiger was the fact that i didn’t have to wait 2 hours for it to install. loaded up tiger and installed my bluetooth keyboard and mouse and i am still in love with it. Everything just works so well i have have only had 1-2 minor problems and u guys on MacCast have sorted them out with no problem. i also couldn't belive how fast it took the apple to update my iPod


  • 5 Hours to add ˜2000 songs

Apple Mac 25 minutes to add ˜2000 songs


I believe you guys on here helped me buy the mac in the first place cos of all the great things that u said about them if it wasn’t for you i might of just gone and built a windows machine for myself and not got a mac which i am so grateful so Thanks Guys

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Nice to see that you have switched to a Apple after years of having trouble with Windows.. What happened to all your pc's you don't use anymore? Just like to know what happens to all the PCs when people get rid of them..


As for iPod, that is always going to be true as Apple makes it, and can make their programs and hardware faster.. Like for Windows, Internet Explorer runs faster then Firefox, as Microsoft makes IE.. What is Vista like, I have never used that..


As for web site programming, that is nice that Apple is getting into that now, and I feel that people like you are going to love to using them.. Using the new iWeb is going to take you into the next space, but now sure if it lets you get into the source code..

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I just love the ease of use and the raw experience of the OS. I just can't get anything to work on Windows. But on Mac, I can do whatever I want.

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