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No New Maccast Feeds in iTunes

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Hi All,

Well like most of you, I have been waiting for WWDC podcast etc, but the last show I have sent on the feed is 27/05/2009.

I see on the Maccast website and see there are now two Maccasts there but they are simply not available on my iTunes.

Yes, I have checked my settings.

Yes, I have updated.

Yes I have even unsubscribed and then resubscribed.

Guess what, the 27/05/2009 show downloads and that is it?

This is weird. And, driving me crazy!

Any ideas from you blokes/sheilas out there? They will be gratefully received.

Ross, Kuwait

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It may have something to do with your location. I don't know if updates roll out universally across the world for podcasts.


Anyway, there was no new podcast available until Monday and the WWDC ep (with Victor C) just downloaded for me last night.


I'd bet you'll get up to date soon. If you're anxious, you can download manually from the website.

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