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Lost My iTunes Video

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Hi All

Recently got a 24" iMac. Migrated all info over firewire from a G5. Everything went perfect and i couldn't be happier. Went to play an old iTunes downloaded music video and it just plays the sound. Checked the other iTunes purchased music videos and i have sound but no picture. Purchased iTunes movies work well and so do other videos that i put into iTunes. Made sure the computer is authorized. i think i tried all the different settings. Could be some setting that i'm overlooking. Sometimes the obvious is overlooked. Thanks for any and all help!


Been a MacCast listener since day one and wouldn't miss a download. Thanks for all the Apple info!!! bmwsalesguy@mac.com

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Try opening iTunes' Preferences, go to the Playback pane, and see how the pull-down menus are set for "Play Movies & TV shows in:" and "Play Music videos in:". Try "in artwork viewer" and "in iTunes Window" to see how they work out.


Do you have a 2nd monitor configured by any chance? Spaces enabled? Try F6 to see if you can locate the separate video window.

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The only other thing that comes to mind for me is an 'authorized machines' conflict.


Since it's a purchased video, I would make sure to have your MobileMe info in the appropriate preferences.

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