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Joel Wires

File sharing files locked/permission problem

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Here's the configuration. 2 13" white intel macbooks running 10.5.7 and Adobe CS3.


I am working on a project with another person, using my macbook like a file server using AFP file sharing. Any of the images that are saved (using photoshop CS3) from the other macbook in my local shared folder are owned by the other user. When I open them and try to save them (in photoshop CS3) a dialog tells me the file is locked. I check the file in the finder info box, and the files aren't locked. The problem is that the files default to "OtherUser:Read/Write" "Users:Read Only" "Everyone:Read Only".


Any ideas how I can make the default file have read/write access to my user account instead of the other user?


I tried searching on google and this forum, but I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for.


Thanks for the help.

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I don't have time to check this but I've frequently run into similar issues.


I just thought of this. Rather than using a shared folder you own, try having the other 'user'/machine put things in your Public Dropbox. I think that allows the correct permissions.

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There is also the Shared user, which has read/write access for everyone.


As to how to fix this: I'll have a think about how to fix this using client only, but my gut reaction is that if this is for business, you should be looking into OS X server on a mini or something. The file sharing built into that is very powerful. If I were on a server, I'd just create a group with the required users in and set an ACL on the share to give that group read/write access.


I'm sure you can do this via the terminal in OS X Client, since I expect the afp service to be essentially the same as on Server, just with a different GUI. I know you can definitely apply ACLs in the terminal, but I'm not sure about newly created files.


I used to use SharePoints with Tiger, but I doubt it will work with Leopard. It's worth a try at least. http://www.hornware.com/sharepoints/


Scrap that, just read that it definitely doesn't work. Instead, here's a link to an article that may help you achieve what you're looking for without the expense of Server. http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/19...fp=2&fpid=2

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Thanks for the quick answers. I might try changing the photoshop action (which includes saving the files) save to a dropbox folder.


Running OSX Server would be nice, but due to the short (time) length of the project, it doesn't make much sense as a purchase just for this project.

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I'd just hack around it by setting a run-every-minute crontab entry on the fileserver MacBook's root account to chmod 666 *.psd every minute.

It ain't elegant, but it'd get me through the project.

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