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My first computer was a Timex Sinclair that had a membrane keyboard with BASIC commands. I built a bookkeeping application for my wife's business in 1981 and used it until we got a Leading Edge PC clone in 1983. This beauty had TWO 360k double-sided 5.25" floppy drives. A year later I got a 20MB "Hard Drive On-A-Card" and upgrded the memory from 256k to its max 640k by inserting banks of chips onto an add-on card.

I used Version 1.0 of Microsoft Word for DOS. It worked great with a Hercules-clone graphics card.

Later I upgraded to a '286 machine thad had a SINGLE-speed CD-ROM drive and ran Windows v3.0 with "Multimedia Extensions." It was pretty cool to be able to watch animations in Microsofts lame encyclopedia.

Move forward through '386, '486, PI, PII, PIII, PIV. All of the time trying to do what MAC users had been doing since the mid-80s. Of course, they used IBM's at my work so I ddn't know any better.


I've been trying to do digital-assisted video editing for the last decade, starting with Pinnacle's Video Director 200. This program tried to provide device-control over consumer VCRs, didn't get very good results (especially audio), but could put some nice titles on home movies.


I was a beta tester for the Pinnacle's original StudioDV, but could never get it to work with my Panasonic miniDv camcorder (~1995). Since then I've tried to get video editing apps to run on my Windows platforms. Tired of render times, viruses, incompatibilities, and crashes!


So it was time to upgrade the system, maybe spend some bucks on a real-time editing machine. I bought a Canopus DVStorm on eBay last year. It makes its Canopus-authored effects render within Premiere 6.5 in real-time, but it's a goobered up patchwork. I'm craving something better with good drivers and a solid software application.


So I atttended some Mac Users' group and Final Cut Pro Users' Group meetings here in San Diego (home of Adam C.). I was sold!


Now I've been setting up may new Dual-preocessor G5 2.7 and loving every minute of it. (A few questions that I'll ost separately.) Tomorrow I'm loading Final Cut Studio.


I feel like a Mac evangelist. Al of my Windows-tolerent friends are being kept up-to-date with the stories of my transition. I think a couple of them are convinced already to make the switch. Maybe I should apply for a job at the Apple Store?

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I think that is amazing that you have moved to Apple.. I haven't moved to Apple yet, and I think I want to try out Macs for sure.. That will come sooner then later..


As for moving from Dos to Windows to Apple, that is really cool, you were around way before a lot of people.. I still use Dos for a lot of things I do, and feel Dos is the best OS out there..


Hopefully you can get into Apple, and really make some really amazing things on there.. Would like to see some of your audio and video projects that you do, that seems amazing..

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My wife now has a 20" Core2Duo iMac, and we share a white CoreDuo MacBook.

So now there are three apples and two 5th Generation iPods in a house that used to have two PC's.

I doubt if we'll be adding an iPhone anytime soon. we use two prepaid cell phones, with an annual total cost of less than $150 for airtime. It would be hard to justify two AT&T contracts (although I've played with iPhones and they're really cool!)


I'm still trying to learn Final Cut Studio -- there's an awful lot to learn there. I am delaying the upgrade to FCS2, cause I'm not yet working HiDef, and I'm only halfway through the basic Final Cut Tutorials.


I have WindowsXP running within VirtualPC on the G5 Powermac. I use it for "Quicken for Home and Business" because Intuit does not offer an equivalent for OSX. Their solution is to switch to Quickbooks. Except that there's no way to transfer my 15 years of business financial records from one program into the other!


...and believe it or not...I occasionally run a DOS medical billing application inside of WindowsXP which is inside VirtualPC. This works quite well, but I cannot print directly to a printer. I create print files, and a friend with a PC prints them out for me. The key word here is "occasionally."


Anyway, Apple has made a huge fan out of this long-time PC user!!!

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Have you tried parallels or VM ware on one of your intel machines? I've have great success with using pretty much any printer with those - or failing that there's always boot camp.

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