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Imac airport random disconnect

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hey guys, I recently have an airport problem that I can't figure it out what's wrong.


My IMAC have been dropping wireless connection like every 5-10 mins. We've recently upgraded to an Airport Extreme dual band, my wife's IMAC G5 is still connecting and my second IMAC in the living room and my Macbook all of them supports 802.11n also seems to work. However, only my IMAC in my office is having wireless drop issue. I've tried deleting the keychains and wireless plist and it doesn't solve the problem. I'm running out of ideas. Please help.

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I had some similar issues. I could not get Wi-Fi in my basement. So after trying many things, I got a product from Netgear, other companies probably make them. It plugs into the regular power plug. Then you plug the router/modem into it. Now you have access to a wired computer connection at any normal plug in your house. Just plug another small box into the electric outlet and up to 4 computers can plug wired into it. the signal comes through the regular electric wiring to and from the modem/router. I did not think it was going to work when I first got it but I am having great success.


It ran me about $80 canadian. It came with the main box and the secondary box for your computers to connect with. I can get more secondary boxes to have more wired connections all over my house as needed.


I also find it funny that my iPhone can get Wi-Fi connection in my basement with no issues. My Mac Pro that I got in March cannot. I even got it a Wi-Fi upgrade card.


Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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