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seeking video converter for iMovie HD (06) .dv to youtube

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As a novice video editor I am seeking suggestions for converting an iMovie project to a format for uploading to youtube.


I started with digital video from an older sony digital Hi8 camcorder and produced a 3 minute video in iMovie HD. (I believe it is version 6). I know this is not the current version, but I had used it before. I'm working on a iMac (intel) running latest version of Leopard.


After completing the movie project, I went to export and found limited options. I exported twice, once to a .mov file (6 mb) and once to an uncompressed .dv file (650 mb). I looked at the .mov file in QuickTime and it's pretty low quality (the titles and picture are ok in small view, but look terrible in any larger screen view.) However, the .dv file looks pretty good in QT even in large screen mode.


Now I'm wondering if there is a free or low cost converter that will convert this better quality .dv file to a format supported by youtube.


Thanks for your suggestions.



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I usually use iMovie HD to do movie Export and select "Compress movie for:" to "Expert Settings", then from the file save dialog pick "Export to:" as MPEG-4 in the pull-down, click Options and set a healthy bitrate (3200 kbits/sec is my favorite), and set an image size (640x480 for fullscreen, 852x480 for widescreen), and go. That usually looks pretty good on Youtube, especially after the "HQ" option gets processed (YouTube usually puts up a pretty low quality encoding of you movie right after you upload, then replaces it with a better quality encoding after an hour or two, followed by an HQ option when it gets around to it.)


if the result doesn't look sharp enough for you, you can up the bit rate some more. The image quality compared to the compression rate depends a lot on what's in the movie. E.g., if I film outside among trees on a breezy day, so there's a lot of small moving objects in the picture (leaves), that requires a much higher bit rate to look clear than shooting a talking head & shoulders in front of a solid-colored wall.


I occurs to me I may have these "expert" export options in iMovie6HD because I purchased QuickTime Pro, because the "Expert Settings" dialog looks a lot like QuickTime's "Save as..." dialog.


Also, the current version of Handbrake can also convert among video formats, e.g. .dv to .mp4.

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Thanks to Graham and to car1son.


I received the same advice from a local Mac friend as Graham offered.


MPEG Streamclip did solve the problem: http://www.squared5.com/


I downloaded MPEG Streamclip; dragged it to my application folder; launched it; dragged the uncompressed, quicktime (.dv) file I had exported onto Streamclip; selected export as MPEG-4. Problem solved.



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