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John Bowdler

Garmin or Polar?

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Well, my iMac's heart is in fine fettle, but mine needs monitoring as I'm a keen cross-country cyclist.


Based in the UK, my two main choices of heart rate monitor seem to be made by Garmin or the Finnish company Polar. Polar seem to have by far and away the most feature-rich hardware, but they resolutely refuse to embrace the Mac (perish the thought!) and provide no Mac-friendly software, whereas Garmin do some very good-looking Mac software.


Really, I'd like to get the Polar because it seems the most fit for purpose. But, what's the point of having all that data if I can't analyse it on my Mac when I get home?!


With an Intel iMac I suppose I could use the PC software but I'd really rather avoid allowing anything remotely PC anywhere near my pristine Mac!


Any suggestions?

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