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iPhone Backup size and location

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I have been using a trusty old bubbleback iMac (circa 2001, inherited from my father-in-law) to sync my ipods and iPhone. It's slow without usb 2.0, but I have located my iTunes library on an eithernet connected 500gb TimeCapsule and can typically start the sync and go to bed. This has worked fine for me for the last two years, but I just upgraded to a 32 gb 3GS and am now getting out of disk space errors. The iMac only has a 20 gb hard drive and I'm assuming the backup iTunes makes of my phone is filling it up and therefore limiting what I can put on my iPhone. I have two questions then:


How do I confirm that the backup is the memory hog?


Is there a way to have iTunes put the backup file on the TimeCapsule instead of its own hard drive?


I'd like to try to keep this old iMac going until the next iMacs come out with Snow Leopard.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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The iPhone backups are stored within the iTunes folder ( path user\music\iTunes ) so theoretically you could just move your iTunes folder to any external drive and then re-assign iTunes to that library by holding down the option key the next time you boot into iTunes. That should free up lots of HD space for you and since you only have a 20GB HD I would suggest doing that even if you didn't have the iPhone issue. The Timecapsule should work just fine for this in your case ( there might be an issue if you had any Time Machine backups on the TC, but since you said you are on a bubblemac I assume you are not running Leopard ).

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