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In-app purchasing comic book app?

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Hi all,


I am really surprised that there is no comic book app that users in-app purchasing. At least none that I know of. <rant>It is really annoying to me when using AppSniper to see screens and screens of individual book/guide apps. Recently there must have been 20 to 30 travel guide apps from the same developer. It seems it would be much more convenient to have one app that allows you to add guides via in-app purchasing.</rant>


Back to my subject, I'd like to see the same thing for a comic book app. Right now, I have 6 apps on my iPhone for iVerse comic books plus 6 or 7 more in iTunes that I've already read. It should would be nice to have one app that allows me access to all of my purchased comic books. Yes, I'm sure that there won't be one such comic book app that rules them all. Instead each publisher outlet will have their own app to distribute their wares. I can understand that.


In the meantime, I am holding off on buying individual comic book apps until an in-app purchasing comic app comes out. However, at this point, I have no clue how long the wait will could be. Also, I am not betting on the ability to convert my already purchased individual comic book apps to the in-app versions when the come out.


I'm curious, what do others think on this topic?




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