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I have a G4 15" bought in 2004

My operating systems is OS X 10.4

I would like to reinstall and get the latest system available.

Which is the best one I could use for my notebook?

As you can see I am not very good with computers.

Can I reinstall the computer by myself or do I need some specific knowledge?

Thanks for your help.

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Depends on what processor is in your mac. I'd expect it to be around the 1.5Ghz mark, in which case you should be going to Leopard. I'd recommend upgrading to Leopard if your machine can run it (the minimum is an 877mhz G4 if I recall correctly).


It's really, really easy to install Leopard. If you want to do a clean install, just choose "Erase and install" from the options once you've restarted to the DVD.


You will need all the software discs to hand (office etc if the mac came with it when you bought it). To re-install iLife, you will need the original discs that came with the mac and choose install bundled software once you've installed Leopard (that is unless you got a separate copy of iLife with it, in which case you follow the instructions on the box!).


Like I said, all easy as long as you have all the software discs.

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Another important factor is the amount of memory (RAM) in your Mac. Leopard (10.5) can tend to be slow with less than 1GB.

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And if you do a clean install (erase) make sure you have a backup or two of your personal data (iTunes, iPhoto, etc.)

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