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Maccast won't sync to iPhone

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This started a few weeks ago... was it when I upgraded to 3.0, hmmm, can't remember.


Basically, when I sync as normal the iPhone shows that there is a new episode for the maccast but when I select maccast in the list it then shows nothing there. I have tried unsubscribing, syncing, resubscribing, syncing but still the same. I have also tried unsubscribing and then downloading through iPhone with the same result. All other podcasts sync fine but maccast is the only enhanced podcast I subscribe to - could this be the problem? Or is it something to do with my iPhone being jailbroken? Any help appreciated. Maccast is obviously my favourite, (and was my first mac podcast), so this is very annoying.

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I haven't heard about this problem specifically, but two points jump out at me - the first being that the MacCast is enhanced (though I've never had any problems with enhanced podcasts) and the fact that your iPhone is jailbroken. I have no leads or ideas past this point, but I would focus my attention at those two points. Try downloading another enhanced podcast and see what happens....try restoring your iPhone and see what happens then...


Just some ideas, and hopefully someone else can offer more help but hopefully this is a start.


Apple Geek

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Thanks Apple Geek.


The first troubleshooting idea I should have thought of myself but I'm not used to troubleshooting these days after switching 7 years ago. Anyway, I downloaded another enhanced podcast which synced fine so it's not that. I may need to jailbreak again when I update to 3.1 so I guess I'll wait till then and see what happens. For now, I van convert maccast to mp3 and then sync from there. Thanks again.

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