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Setting up Slingbox

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I am unable to setup my slingbox so it can be accessed over the internet. Spent 2 hours with sling tech and he couldn't either. It's working fine on my internal network, so it's a problem with airport and IP address and port mapping.

My network consists of 2 AEBSs and 2 AEs. The AEBS that the slingbox is connected to is setup to extend the network. It does connect to the internet. My main router is connected to a DSL Modem. I have a static IP address.

Went to the Apple Forums and followed directions to downgrade the AEBS firmware to 7.4.1. That did not help. Also followed directions to use the DHCP Reservation option on my main AEBS and then use the generated IP address for the slingbox port mapping setup. None of this worked. Any ideas what the problem could be?

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My suspicions are as follows:


1. Extending a wireless network (WDS) doesn't usually work very well in this situation. If there is any way to reconfigure your network to avoid using WDS, I'd advise that.

2. You may have double NAT-ing going on. Would you mind posting the internal IP addresses of your Slingbox and your AEBSs?

3. Do you know what port the Slingbox uses? Your DSL provider may be blocking that port.

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